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Ignite Websites, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Social Media and more!

Whether your business is just taking off or your current business needs a serious boost, Ignite is your single source for growth.

About Ignite
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    Branding Experts

    First impressions and brand recognition are key components to a successful business. From logos to marketing materials, the perfect branding makes all the difference.

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    THE Website Pros

    At Ignite, we create custom designed, unique, beautiful, highly effective, goal-focused, attention-grabbing websites.

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    Social & Web Marketing Genius

    Get the most out of Internet marketing with our Enhanced Internet Marketing and Social Media service - a great way to get more customers or clients!

The Crescendo Plan


Crescendo is Ignite's exclusive, comprehensive, discounted service that incorporates the best of what Ignite Websites has to offer.

The Crescendo Plan

Custom Designed High-End Websites

high-end websites

An eye-catching, unique, response-focused, professional, attention-grabbing website makes the difference in your online success!

Custom-Designed Websites

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

graphic design

Branding is everything. Recognizable logos, high-impact business cards, and custom-designed printed materials make all the difference!

Ignite Brand Identity

About Ignite

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A Unique Denver Website, Branding, & Internet Marketing Service

With clients in the Greater Denver area, nationally, and internationally, Ignite has become well known for beautiful, high-end, highly effective custom-designed websites. We are also well known for creative, excellent graphic design and brand marketing. We are also a highly acclaimed Internet marketing Social Media service. And when you combine them all, you have access to a multifaceted service that can help your business succeed online.

My name is Christopher Malone, president and founder of Ignite Websites Marketing and Graphic Design, Inc.. As a small business owner, I know firsthand what it is like to be laser-focused on growing a business. Whether you are a counselor or psychotherapist, doctor, or chiropractor or your business is focused on online sales, networking, or an online version of your magazine or newspaper, growth is vital to the success of your business or practice. Effective use of the Internet and media technology should be an integral part of your growth. And that's precisely what Ignite is all about.

I appreciate your taking the time to visit my website and learn more about how Ignite can partner with you in the mutual goal of seeing your business become a success!

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Client Comments!

  • "Nailed it!!! ...I absolutely love it!!! ...Colors are dynamite. Design is so sharp and clean... gorgeous! Thank you so much for your work on this!!! I love it so much..."

    red rocks counseling

    Sara Thompson, MA Red Rocks Counseling

  • "Yay, yahoo, yippee, hurrah, hallelujah, hooray! I love it! ...it looks great!!!! ...I really really really appreciate all of your patience and effort on this."

    lorie obernauer

    Lorie Obernauer, PhD LO Group, LLC

  • "I really can't say enough how amazing your work has been and how impressed and grateful I am for the speed with which it has been produced!! You are a ROCK STAR!..."

    recovery 360

    Ronny Zarb-Cousin, MA, MFTC Recovery 360

  • "...your insight, your knowledge, your skills and your ridiculous sense of humor make it fun to work with you... even more important, the results have been amazing. I'm not sure where we would be without you."


    Gloria ParkerAquarius News

  • "I would like to say thank you so much for the new website! You did an excellent job designing the site and I really appreciate all of your attention to detail..."

    encompass life counseling

    Stacey Kruse, MAEncompass Life Counseling

Multiple Industry Experts

Psychotherapists, Counselors, Chiropractors, Retailers, Magazines...

With years of experience providing our services in numerous industries, we have become THE experts and go-to firm for websites, branding and Internet marketing. We give our clients the upper-hand.