Ignite Custom Websites

Beautiful, Highly Effective, Custom Designed Websites

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Whether you need a new website or your existing website needs a serious facelift and restructuring, Ignite Websites are designed to GET RESULTS. An integral part to the success of any business is to have a strong representation online. And that is what you will get with an Ignite website.

Ignite Custom Websites Include

  • Custom, High-End, Original Designs Based on You, Your Business, and the Audience You Need to Attract
  • No Cookie-Cutter Templates
  • Designed to Attract New Customers or Clients
  • Designed to Stand Out Above Your Competition
  • Consultations to Get to Know You and Your Business as Intimately as Possible so Your Website Represents Your Business Well
  • Forensic Attention to Detail
  • Responsive Design (website automatically adjusts for viewing on computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones)
  • Costs a Fraction of Its Value - Affordable!
  • Microsoft Exchange Personalized Email Service!*
  • Stable, High Speed Hosting
  • Free Programming Updates and Upgrades
  • Free Content Editing
  • Incredible Support
  • Your All-Things-Web Partner
  • Free Consultations and Coaching
  • Custom Applications or Database Management if Needed
  • Website Types Include Informational, Sales, E-Commerce, Customer or Client Acquisition
  • Latest Programming Technology
  • Every Website is Either Developed by or Overseen by Ignite's Owner, Christopher Malone

The launch of your new website is an incredibly exciting time! As the owner of Ignite, I personally thrive on that excitement. Even more exciting are the results after your website has been launched. I look forward to partnering with you in this vitally important part of your business' or your practice's success by creating a website of which you will be proud!


*Microsoft Exchange is the world's leading corporate email platform. By combining our service platform (SiteControl) with Microsoft enterprise software for maximum performance, availability, and flexibility, you can focus on your business with the most powerful tools for communication and organization. This includes efficient access to your personalized email, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more - no matter where you are or what type of mobile device you use.

One free Microsoft Exchange email is included with your website hosting! Includes a Free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2010 (for PC) or 2011 (for Mac). Also works with Entourage, MacMail and any other device or program that accesses Exchange email. Also included: Outlook Web Application, Mobile ActiveSync, Email Archiving, SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Shared folders and documents, Global Address Lists, Shared Calendaring, Shared Notes and Tasks, High Security, Daily Server Backup, Anti-Spam/Virus Firewall, Email Encryption, 100% Uptime guarantee, and Compliant-Ready packages are available. 24-hour customer support if needed.